Short for independence.

Indy is our tiny home ****

* update.. our tiny Rv. We have settled in north east alabama. We still taking indy out on short trips and this summer for a longer trip. And this fall we plan to take Indy on a long journey up to the New England states for aC Couple weeks.

Independence Journey

Indy is from Independence Journey, Independence Journey because  we bought and left on road around the forth of july Independence day.

Me, J G Artis & K Rose Artis the 3 \"Chihuahuas\" Louie, Tippy, Sugar

We cut the cable and we moved into our RV \"Indy\" and headed on a journey going nowhere in particular. We traveled in 2020 and by 2021, landed in north east Alabama for the winter and decided to call it home. We now have a studio and apartment so Indy, our Rv, is going to be used as an RV :-) as well as a mobile dog house and painting  studio. 

The Indy crew will be posting photos, paintings and stories as we take our Journeys in Indy. See you on the road.

A new Indy blog is coming soon.

You can also find more about me Jg and my Paintings at


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