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"ART is, my passion, my life!"

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When I was around 6 or 7 years old I got the mumps. This meant no running and jumping and playing. For me this was the hardest part about being sick, not being able to do stuff. So my father bought me a paint by the numbers oil set. I loved it! Painting kept me busy.

Music, girls, life, a wife, jobs kept me busy up till 2000 lost my job to bad health. With lots of time on hand i dove into computers making websites then graphics for the sites i was bulding. Then i found out i could paint with the computer and a mouse. For the lext years i was painting digitally. I didn't make it back to painting in real world until 2014. In 2014 I took a free online course by Len Hend and started painting landscapes on canvases. A few years later I started painting still life, then people and pet portraits. And now, it is 2021 and i can paint most anything i like some better then other's.


Moved in to my tiny Art studio

Named it. ASS

Art Shed Studio

It's a 10 x 16 Shed.

Paint tables and setup in one end the other end is my bed and tv. So pretty much I eat sleep and paint.


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